sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

Drinking Song to Sleep

Nada a ver com a mnha pesquisa de doutorado, mas vi a menção a essa canção em Life of Johnson e a achei divertida.

Drinking Song to Sleep

Great God of Sleep, since it must be,
That we must give some Hours to thee,
Invade me not while the free Bowl
Glows in my Cheeks, and warms my Soul;
That be my only Time to snore.
When I can laugh, and drink no more;
Short, very short be then thy Reign,
For I'm in haste to laugh and drink again.

But O! if melting in my Arms,
In some soft Dream, with all her Charms,
The Nymph belov'd should then surprize,
And grant what waking she denies;
Then, gentle Slumber, pr'ythee stay,
Slowly, Ah! slowly bring the Day,
Let no Rude Noise my Bliss destroy,
Such sweet Delusion's real Joy.

Lord Lansdowne

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